Fundraising Services

Our fundraising program is designed for schools, teams & organizations that are looking for a unique way to raise money. The fundraising program allows organizations to sell drinkware with your logo/custom design, as well as personalized information such as names. Our drinkware prices are volume based, so the more your team sells, the greater margin you will earn on your sales! Since our product does not need to be purchased in advance, you can ensure you will not be stuck with extra product at the end of the fundraising exercise. We will provide the exact quantity of drinkware required to fulfill your orders.

If you are interested in our fundraising program, please feel free to ask questions or reach out to begin the process below.

  • Professional Development

    Fundraising provides an excellent opportunity for children and even adults to develop their sales & customer service skills. An understanding of the fundraising process is also a great opportunity to learn about business.

  • Quality Product

    Our drinkware is laser engraved with precision, resulting in crisp & permanent designs! Made of 304 food grade stainless steel and coated in a durable powder coated layer, our drinkware is build to last! You & your team will be able to drink in style! Perfect for games & events.

  • Easy & Profitable

    Our system makes the fundraising process easy! We work with your team 1:1 to create the perfect products for your fundraising then supply all the forms and information needed to get started. Our wholesale pricing model allows for your organization to make substantial profit on each unit sold.

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